First sneak peak of 2023 BMW R 1300 will arrive in next year.

First sneak peak of 2023 BMW R 1300 will arrive in next year.

There is no doubt that the brand new 2023 BMW R 1300 GS will be available in 2023, but for quite some time the rumour mill burned hot over whether the travel enduro would be available early on in the year. Here's another example.

A century ago, a motorcycle of this type would become the most successful large motorcycle in the world: the BMW GS. When BMW launched its motorcycle brand in 1923 with the R32, few suspected its future success. In 2023, the latest iteration of the Bavarian travel enduro makes its debut to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the brand. In Munich, KA1 is being developed and pictures of its partially veiled prototype already show some differences from its predecessors.

The engine is a completely new design

Especially the engine is striking, as it appears to be a complete redevelopment instead of a modified version. Despite the name "Shift Cam" already appearing on the valve cover of the pre-production motorcycle, the engine will continue to use the meanwhile tried and tested variable valve control. R1300 GS's new engine will be completely liquid-cooled, unlike the current model's partially air-cooled engine.

This new development is likely caused by noise emissions and future emissions standards. The new model generation is expected to increase displacement as well as torque and top performance. There's still speculation about how much, but 150 hp wouldn't be surprising.

New frame reduces weight of BMW R 1300 GS

What is more surprising is the mounting points of the frame on the engine are clearly visible, as is the fact that the drive has been integrated into a cast aluminum frame. Under the tarpaulin, it is not yet possible to see how the construction looks in detail, but it will certainly result in a lighter overall weight. There is speculation regarding how much less weight will be on the Ducati Multistrada V4, but its 243kg total weight will be 6kg less than before.

Questions about design and equipment

A tarpaulin protects the design from photographers, but it is still hidden. As a result, the exact shape of the rear frame, fairing, or tank cannot yet be identified. It seems, at least on this prototype, that active aerodynamics like BMW patented for large duros in 2022 are still years away. However, the duckbill and telelever appear to have been preserved. The latest BMW infotainment system will also be included, along with cornering lights and distance radar.

BMW R 1300 GS the different versions.

The 2023 BMW R 1300 GS, which will be introduced this year, will certainly have these elements in common with all three models of the GS family. After R1300 GS Adventure, more displacement, torque and top performance will come with R1400 GS, which will replace R1300 GS Adventure in 2023. Additionally, we expect the M1300 GS to feature chunky tires and 21-inch front wheel, similar to its main competitor, the 1290 Super Adventure R. Both models are likely to arrive in 2024 at the latest.

First sneak peak of 2023 BMW R 1300 will arrive in next year.

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