2023 Honda CB 750 Hornet test ride and full details revealed in new 2023 motorcycle.

2023 Honda CB 750 Hornet  test ride and full details revealed in new 2023 motorcycle.

There is a new Honda Hornet 750 that has been introduced to the market, with its 750 cubic centimeter engine, new frame, and an entirely different concept from what we are used to. As the first official figures indicate, the new Honda CB750 Hornet looks strong even on paper, based on what we have seen so far. As a result of its new 755cc inline-twin engine, it boasts 92 horsepower, 7.5 kg of torque, and weighs 190 kg as well as a 92 horsepower production. In addition to this, the price of the new model has also been announced. It will be available for €7,799.

Clearly the numbers point in the right direction, but there is often a huge gap between what is announced on paper and what is felt by the rider during a test, which leads to a lot of frustration. The result of this was that we went to Spain to see how all the things we had already developed would work in practice, and to get a sense of how this bike would handle, and whether it will be a more demanding streetfighter, or whether it will simply be a naked everyday utility - a name that had not previously been associated with the Hornet name.

This means that the Hornet new engine is not only the heart of the aircraft, but it is also its soul. There is also a lot of character to this two-cylinder in-line engine, which replaces the four-cylinder engines of the past, not only in terms of power, but also in terms of character. There is a lot to discover about the Spanish Sierra Nevada mountain range on the empty winding roads that provide a great way to show off its potential, where it can be seen in its best light.

With a low starting rev, the power gradually builds up to the peak in a straight line from a low rev. When you hold the throttle, you do not encounter any loss of performance, as the torque will take you steadily through the alternating turns with no drop in performance, and the throttle will act as the magic button that will open up a world of endless possibilities for you.

It didn't matter which gear I used in corners with the new 2023 Honda CB 750 because we had a navigator who was consistent in his pace, so I didn't have to downshift often during corners. As a result of its torque, the bike accelerates smoothly even when you need to downshift one gear less compared to other bikes in its displacement class with the same output. As an additional benefit, even for the minimal changes that were required to the test bikes, Honda's flawless Quickshifter was invaluable, and can be ordered by its owners as an optional package as well. 290 euros for the Quickshifter doesn't raise the total price of the bike above its psychological limit of 8,000 euros, so it's undoubtedly worth adding to the Hornet. As a downshifter and upshifter, it works well. I was once again amazed by the Honda CB750 Hornet fast pace. A 750 with a 160 rear tire takes some time to get used to, but it's a great choice due to its powerful twin-cylinder engine and surprising road handling. Hornet is an agile vehicle with a not-too-wide rear tyre for easy cornering.

It simulates riding a 500cc naked motorcycle with its 190 kg full of liquid, especially with regard to steering wheel movements. The power output of 92 hp and torque of 7.5 kgm is available everywhere, so you can guess the horsepower and torque easily. In this combination, you are sure to have a merry time. Our fears were unfounded: we didn't miss the four-cylinder engine of previous versions.

It's hard to find anything wrong with Showa's 41mm upside down front suspension. Its fork is not adjustable, so that's nice. As soon as we increased the spring preload, the shock performed better. With its slightly stiffer shock absorber, the Hornet did not lose comfort, but added sportiness, which is a good compromise between comfort and sportiness.

While it would perform better in sport driving if it had adjustable suspension, such as Ohlins, its character is such that it does well for its intended purpose, so we don't see the need for it. The Nissin brakes did well at every speed, with plenty of power and just the right feel despite not being the best. Remembering that Honda makes a motorcycle that is very competitively priced, not a streetfighter. When the engine, chassis, and peripherals are great, there can be no compromises. These elements make a vehicle usable and drivable.

When it comes to bikes, you should be careful if you want good value for money. Such a situation indicates that materials, equipment, or finishes are skimpy. The 2023 Honda CB750 Hornet provides a good package of electronic aids, including the ability to adjust three parameters in each of the four driving modes: engine braking, power, and traction control. The user mode lets you turn off Traction Control and set each parameter individually. Individuals who enjoy total control and the ability to spin at any time will particularly benefit. Besides, the Hornet almost asks for it, and those looking to make a splash,

Those with discerning tastes or those who want to add their own color to the bike can choose one of the three optional packages. No matter what you are driving for, whether for sport, style, or tourism, it is important. The Hornet comes in three different packages to suit your specific needs, since it's a standard bike that almost forces customization. Hornets without personal touches will eventually appear on the streets.

The Hornet comeback will be very strong for Honda, according to two days of testing. A few months after Intermot's first presentation, we heard doubts about its appearance. Most journalists found the yellow and white version of the engine impressive when driven, and it's now a fact to drive that the engine is even more impressive than it appears on paper. Rather than being inspired by a 2023 Honda CB500, the headlight probably should have come from the Hornet. Criticism is limited to one point. Aesthetics and perhaps tepid design. Still, the Hornet does its job well and offers something extra.

You want to drive with or without bad weather, even when your mood is as bad as the barometer during storms. If you accelerate the Hornet, you'll smile, despite its unappealing appearance. You can get all this and more on the 2023 Honda CB750 Hornet, a classic Honda with tremendous torque. No doubt, Honda's Sports bike line is one of the most fun on the market, but it's not the most fun. Transalp's new engine combines with the Hornet's playful nature to bring back the playful mood of the Big H. As the new engine is not exclusive to the Transalp, our team is looking forward to getting onboard.

2023 Honda CB 750 Hornet  test ride and full details revealed in new 2023 motorcycle.

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